Crews in Virginia Beach get ready for drop in temperatures

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-25 17:30:57-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - It`s back to reality outside.

The 70s we saw Monday have turned to 60s today and Wednesday an even bigger drop, into the 40s.

And those big changes in the temperature - can cause big problems for the city - with water main breaks.

The cold weather over the past winter - led to more than 200 in Virginia Beach - like this one crews worked to repair in march.

A spokesperson with public utilities says it is a concern again - with the cold weather coming.

So they have placed additional crews on standby if needed over the next few days.

The public works department says they`re also prepared.

They`ve already checked to make sure the pump water station stations are good to go.

They also routinely work to keep drains and ditches clean - so crews were out continuing that work today - especially making sure that fallen leaves aren`t blocking anything that could cause flooding.

If the temperatures at night drop below 35, they have three trucks that will spread out throughout the city to treat bridges and overpasses.

If it looks like the wind will reach more than 30 miles per hour - they`ll also be working to make sure equipment, signs and other times at all of the city’s public works projects - like the Lesner Bridge - are secure.

“Also with high winds, our traffic operations will keep an eye out for traffic signals. Obviously it`s a big weekend with traffic locally so we`re going to crews on call ready so if we have some problems roads that need to be closed because of flooding or whatever, they`ll be on hand to take care of that,” says Drew Lankford, of Virginia Beach Public Works.