Another victim of dog poaching?

Posted at 8:35 PM, Nov 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-26 20:35:52-05

Update: Jessica Colleran has been sentenced to four years in prison with three years and nine months suspended, according to court records. 

Norfolk, Va.  - Dana and Mike Jancarole say they now know 22-year-old Jessica Colleran is the one causing their family so much heartache.

"We were just building our memories and we were building our family," Dana said. "Then it was taken away."

Their two-year-old daughter's best friend, a six month old Husky named Koda, got loose in Norfolk on Halloween.

"We`ve been trying to cope. We`re probably not going to get our dog back," Mike said.

But nearly a month later, the family has new hope. What happened to them is identical to what a Chesapeake man says Colleran did to him.

She was busted this weekend after police say she claimed the man’s 3-year-old Husky as her own and tried to sell the dog on Craigslist.

The Janacaroles say they now know Colleran was also behind a Craigslist ad listing their pup for sale. Only the couple replied to the ad a little too late.

"We were trying to pretend to buy him. She was like ‘look someone already came down from Winchester to buy him,’ “ Mike explained.

Winchester is about four hours north of Hampton Roads.

Still, the Janacaroles have no way of knowing who bought Koda from Colleran.

They do know Koda was bought on Craigslist sometime between November 1st and the 10th.

They hope telling their story will help and that Koda's microchip will lead him back to them.

"If you just simply take the dog to the SPCA or even call animal control they will come to your home and scan the dog and you will know it doesn't belong to you," Dana pleaded.

They're just praying whoever has their dog has the heart to take action and return him.

"It sounds cliché but we`re having a family, getting our family dog and taking family photos I mean that`s what we wanted then it was taken away,” Dana said.

The Jancaroles say they’re even willing to compensate whoever bought Koda for the money that person spent.


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