Navy investigating sailor who allegedly filmed women in submarine shower

Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 03, 2014

The Navy is investigating the filming of female officers in a shower changing area on a Kings Bay-based submarine, according to a report from the Navy Times.

The alleged recordings occurred for over a year onboard the ballistic missile submarine Wyoming.

Navy officials are reportedly investigating a 24-year-old second class petty officer who is accused of making and distributing the videos. The Navy Times cites a November 14 incident report that circulated among senior leaders.

The Wyoming became one of the first submarines to allow women in 2011. There are now 14 crews with women on three Ohio-class ballistic-missile subs.

The discovery of these alleged videos comes just weeks before the Navy’s next round of female integration on subs, with six women set to report to two Virginia-class attack subs in January.

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