Report: 12 Navy sailors now implicated in sub shower scandal

Posted at 1:37 PM, Dec 12, 2014

Eleven more Navy sailors are now suspected of watching secretly recorded videos of female shipmates in showers on the Kings Bay-based ballistic-missile submarine Wyoming, according to a report from the Navy Times.

It was previously reported that a 24-year-old sailor was being investigated for recording and producing the videos. But a new investigative report reveals that 11 other sailors possibly watched and didn’t report the videos to officials.

The Wyoming was one of the first submarines to allow women in 2011. This investigation comes as the Navy is set to expand the role of women on subs, with six women set to report to two subs in January.

It’s unclear how many of the women onboard the submarine were recorded, according to the Navy Times.

The Navy has not yet reported any possible punishments from the investigation.