Good News: Family photos inside traded Xbox game returned

Posted at 11:33 PM, Dec 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-24 08:28:36-05

Newport News, Va. - A Newport News woman got an unexpected holiday gift when precious photos that she thought were lost forever were returned.

A few weeks ago, Christina Beckett's husband traded in a video game, but inside the case was a memory card holding pictures from the day their son was born.

“I’m just so happy,” she says. “I could not have asked for a better Christmas gift.”

Christina Beckett is happy, not because she's getting something new or expensive,  she's happy because of what she now has back.

“I was just shocked,” she says. “I really didn`t think I would see these pictures again. I mean, it`s like a needle in a haystack out here.”

“My heart was broken,” Christina told NewsChannel 3. “The first moments of his life, pictures of me holding him in the hospital.”

The couple reached out to NewsChannel 3 to take action, offering a $200 reward. Since we aired their story, one viewer in particular took notice.

Zach Zimmerman bought that traded-in Xbox game, saw the memory card, but forgot it was even there until he saw our report.

“I was like holy crap, I definitely have the SD card in my Destiny case that I’m sure wasn`t there on purpose,” Zach says.

On Tuesday, Zach came to the rescue.

“There may be some reason that the universe would bring us together," he says.

“I`m just really happy,” Christina says. “I didn`t I thought they were gone forever.”