Surveillance video shows deadly fight that started over Redskins-Cowboys football game

Posted at 4:57 PM, Dec 29, 2014

Chesapeake, Va. - One man is dead and one man has been charged with second degree murder after a fight at a Chesapeake restaurant that reportedly broke out over the Redskins-Cowboys football game on Sunday.

UPDATE: Chesapeake woman reacts to surveillance video that shows fiancé being killed after Cowboys/Redskins game

The incident happened at Zino's Italian Restaurant at 850 Old George Washington Highway on Sunday at 7:15 p.m.

Police charged 36-year-old Ronnie Cisko of the 2400 block of Berkshire Circle with second degree murder on Monday. He is currently being held in Chesapeake City Jail.

Ronnie Kirk Cisco. Photo credit: Chesapeake Police Department

Ronnie Kirk Cisko. Photo credit: Chesapeake Police Department

Police say the two got into a fight and one of the men died from his injuries.

The victim has been identified as 48-year-old Charles Lee Setchel of the 3300 block of Dietz Drive.

Setchel's fiance, Robin Stewart, spoke to NewsChannel 3 and said the fight started over a football game. Cisko and his group were cheering for the Redskins and Setchell and his group were cheering for the Cowboys.

"It's a Redskins and Cowboys football game. A game! A game that comes on every year! I mean, if everybody killed everybody over a game..."  Stewart says.

The two men were jabbing each other for a while during the game before it escalated into a fight, Stewart says. Eventually the friendly jabbing turned into name-calling and then it got physical.

The owner of the restaurant, Samy Hage, showed NewsChannel 3 surveillance video from that night.

The video shows Setchel stand up from the bar as he's approached by Cisko. Cisko swings his arm, striking Setchel in the neck. A few seconds later, Setchel is shown motionless on the ground. Cisko and another man are then seen stepping over Setchel and leaving the bar.

"It's something so simple as just talking and dogging each other's teams. So, I mean, how it went from that to murder, I don't know."  Stewart says.  "This is what you call petty. A whole human being is lost over words. Words. Simple words that could easily... you could turn around and say you're sorry after the night's over with. Instead, how do you say sorry to a dead man?"

After Cisko hit Setchel, his group left the bar. Stewart says the group returned to the bar after Setchel had been taken to the hospital.

"They were celebrating and I feel disgusted by that. They don't even know that he killed him, or even if he didn't care. No remorse. They deserve what they get," Stewart says.

The incident remains under investigation by Chesapeake Police. The Medical Examiner reports that Setchel's cause of death was a vertebral artery dissection.

Police are trying to figure out if the fight was the actual cause of his death or if there were prior medical issues.