Alleged kidnappers caught at New Kent truck stop

Posted at 4:27 PM, Jan 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-08 20:03:55-05

New Kent County, Va. - Two Iowa-residents were arrested in New Kent on Tuesday for the apparent abduction and abuse of a young woman.

The arrests occurred after a truck driver called the New Kent Sheriff’s Office reporting that he noticed suspicious activity at the Pilot gas station on Route 106 near I-64.

The truck driver said he noticed a tan-colored RV parked behind the gas station. There was a man going in and out of the RV, and a woman peering out from inside the RV before the curtains were quickly shut, according to court records.

Authorities arrived and found three people inside the RV – two females and one male.They told police they had been in the area on vacation to visit the daughter of one of the women.

According to the affidavit, police noticed one of the females displaying signs of fright and malnourishment.

She was taken outside the RV and questioned and it was there that she begged authorities not to let her go back in the RV and said she was being held against her will by the other two people in the RV.

The victim also told authorities she was being sexually and physically abused and could not remember the last time she had eaten or drank anything, according to court records.

Aldair Hodza

The other two people in the RV, identified as Laura Sorenson and Aldair Hodza, were taken to the New Kent Sheriff’s Office for questioning.

Laura Sorensen

The victim was given a forensic interview at MCV Hospital in Richmond by a Virginia State Police investigator. It was concluded that she had injuries consistent with torture, physical and sexual abuse. The victim also told the Virginia State Police investigator during the interview that she was forced to perform oral sex on Hodza and another unknown male after an arrangement made on Craigslist.

Hodza and Sorenson have both been charged with one count of Abduction with Intent to Defile.

The case is under investigation by the New Kent County Sheriff's Office, the Virginia State Police, and the FBI.