Neal Shytles raises more money to help warm other homeless during winter

Posted at 10:51 PM, Jan 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-09 05:49:31-05

Norfolk, Va. - Neal Shytles is at it again.

As a homeless man in Norfolk, Neal knows better than most just how far a helping hand can go.

Back in November, Neal came to NewsChannel 3 to help him find a family to spend the holidays with. He got that wish and so much more.

Ever since, members of the Facebook group created for him "Cards For Neal Shytles," have been reaching out not only to Neal, but to homeless all over the world.

“I think if half those people did what we`re doing here, I think we could probably help close to 3,000 people be warmer tonight than they were last night,” Neal says. “It`s not just Virginia that`s cold right now.”

Last month, Neal asked the group for donations to make Christmas bags for homeless at the Union Mission shelter, where he stays. Combined, the Facebook group gave more than $1,000.

Yesterday he asked again.

“Within 16 hours we had $400 and it was so awesome.” Neal says.

Along with a local pastor, Neal handed out blankets, hoodies, gloves, hats and a some liquid warmth -- hot chocolate.

“It`s very important because it warms your whole body up," says Gerome Hudson, who has been homeless for several years.

Virginia Beach Navy wife Kaori Ruby, inspired by Neal’s story, dropped off blankets she collected. “Just wanted to help somebody,” she says. “ Yeah I can`t do much but I can only do a little bit.”


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