Taking a selfie could get this guy charged

Posted at 11:33 PM, Jan 15, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. - Dawn Choudhury has dozens of selfies on her phone.

“It was constant selfies and just crazy selfies,” she says.

But the people in the selfies were not taken by her, or even anyone she knows. They appeared on her new iPhone a few weeks after her old one was stolen.

Virginia Beach Police released two pictures of the selfie-taker and thief they're looking for. They're hoping you can take action and help find this man.

“It was upsetting,” she says. “I was irritated. I thought not only did you that, you`re dumb enough to not disconnect from or realize that Apple has certain applications in place to catch you and now I`m having to look at your face every day.”

What the thief or thieves didn't know, was that the stolen phone was still connected to Choudhury's iCloud account. That meant that every time they took a selfie, she could see every picture on her new iPhone.

“I hate to use the word ugly because it`s not nice, but since they did steal it, they made an effort to be ugly. Like one girl had her hair like all wrapped up and made like duck faces and weird angry faces in the car and in the mirror,” Choudhury says.

It wasn't just selfies she received.

“They were sending pictures of babies holding liquor bottles, like children under 12-months old,” she says.
There were so many, she says, that her storage quickly filled up.

“When I want to take a picture of my daughter playing basketball it says `I`m sorry, storage is full,’" she says.

Choudhury says for a while it was pretty entertaining seeing all of the strange selfies and awkward family photos flood in, but then she realized they could see her pictures too and quickly disconnected her iCloud account.

Her stolen phone has also been disconnected, but she's hoping someone will recognize the incessant selfie-snappers.