Family reunited with lost dog that was sold on Craigslist

Posted at 5:17 PM, Jan 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-19 23:34:44-05

Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk family is reunited with their lost (and stolen) dog thanks to the honesty of another local family.

Dana and Mike Jancarole’s Husky dog Koda got loose on Halloween and escaped from their yard. The couple searched for days with no luck.

Little did they know, Koda had been picked up and sold on Craigslist by Jessica Colleran, who has since been arrested for selling stolen dogs.

Stacy and Mike McCrossan paid Colleran $400 for Koda, who they named Wyatt, not knowing he had been stolen.

Later, the McCrossan`s saw a picture of their new dog on the internet, realized it belonged to another family, and decided to give it back.

Dana says she knew right away it was their lost Koda.

“As soon as he came around that corner, she bolted towards him. I had to hold her back. As soon as he came up, I knew it was him,” Dana says.

NewsChannel 3 spoke with both families, who are starting to bond over their love for the same pet. Meanwhile, Koda also got to reunite with his other family, and their other dog, Tilly.

"It's bittersweet. Tilly hasn't gotten over it really…seeing her with him, she loves it. When he has to's really hard,” says Stacy.

Dana says she’s now helping the McCrossan’s find a new dog.

“It gives you hope to know that there are still good people out there. That's why we're doing everything in our efforts to reward them what they've done for my family,” she says.

NewsChannel 3 decided to pitch in as well. We presented the McCrossan’s with our People Taking Action award for their honesty and also gifted them with a $300 gift card from our partners at Southern Bank.

Both families say they plan on keeping in touch so that Tilly and Koda can continue to have their playtime.