UPDATE: Chesapeake deputy fired after DUI and hit and run arrest

Posted at 10:42 AM, Jan 24, 2015

Chesapeake, Va. - A Chesapeake Sheriff's deputy has been fired after he was arrested for driving under the influence and hit and run early Saturday morning.

At approximately 1:00 am, Chesapeake Police observed a vehicle needing assistance in the area of Battlefield Blvd. and Cedar Rd.

Police determined that the vehicle was involved in a hit and run and the other vehicle had fled the scene in an unknown direction.

Further investigation revealed the driver of the suspect's vehicle to be Deputy Spiro Taglis.

Taglis had fled the scene but left his front bumper and license plate behind. Officers found Taglis at his home a short time later -- with his damaged car parked out front.

Police say they gave Taglis a sobriety test. According to the police report, he blew a 1.3 -- almost twice the legal limit.

Deputy Taglis was assigned to the Classifications Section of the Chesapeake Sheriff's office and had been employed with office for 15 years.

Taglis was placed on administrative suspension following his arrest. On Monday morning, he was fired, according to the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office.

He is due in court for an arraignment on Friday.