‘Like divine intervention’ — Telemarketer saves woman being attacked 900 miles away

Posted at 10:43 AM, Jan 30, 2015

LINN COUNTY, Oregon — A telemarketer making a sales call heard a woman hundreds of miles away being attacked.

According to KLAS, the victim didn’t even know her phone was ringing.

It all happened when a telemarketer with Americare Health and Nutrition placed the call from her call center in Las Vegas to a woman in Oregon. The phone picked up the call, but the woman never said hello.

Tina Garcia, a telemarketing supervisor at the call center, said they heard screaming on the other end along with the sound of blows, as if she were getting punched.

They asked if the woman was ok, but got no response. So they called police from more than 900 miles away for help. They stayed on the phone until officers arrived.

Warren Ruck was arrested after they found him holding the victim, who was gasping for air. She told them Ruck had a gun and was planning to kill her.

She said her phone was in her back pocket, and she had no idea who called police.