France sells 80 boxes of Monopoly filled with real Euros

Posted at 9:22 PM, Feb 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-05 21:22:42-05

Creutzwald, France – Dreams do come true for the people of France. The classic game of Monopoly is now being sold with real money in honor of the game’s 80th anniversary this year.

French manufacturers have replaced its traditional Monopoly bills with real euros in 80 boxes shipped around the country. While all 80 boxes include real money, one lucky winner will receive the major jackpot of a total of 20,580 euros (approximately $23,268).

According to The Washington Post, 69 of the prize sets will include five 10-euro notes and five 20- euro notes, while another 10 will include five real 20-euro notes, two 50-euro notes and one 100-euro note.

The Washington Post reported that the inspiration for the stunt came from a survey conducted during the run-up to the anniversary. When asked what players would most like to find in their Monopoly box, 50.5 percent of respondents said that they had hoped for real money.

For those lucky winners, this will be something they will never forget.

By Katie Vu, WTKR Intern