Cuban artist Salvador visits Norfolk State

Posted at 11:57 AM, Feb 06, 2015

Norfolk, Va. – World-renowned Cuban artist Salvador Gonzales Escalona visited Norfolk State University this week to bring knowledge and wisdom, learn about Afro-American culture and bring the connection to Afro-Cuban culture to the forefront.

A native of Cuba, Salvador’s works are often labeled as “Afro- Cuban” and often contain a diverse range of “cubism, surrealism and abstract art.”

His journey began in 1990 by creating murals and sculptures, which have been on display in numerous exhibits around the world including Norway, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexican and the United States.

During his visit, Salvador shared his experiences with the students for a cultural exchange,  making contacts with students to receive information and assistance with his cultural work, including his latest mural, El Sueno del Tamor (The Dream of the Drum).

This work will be on display in Petersburg at the invitation of NSU alumnus Tim Reid’s Legacy Media Institute.

Salvador hopes that his mural will bring about the memories  of those who were brought over from Africa to America and will help eternalize those memories for the next generation.

“I would say that students can always relate to me”, said Salvador. “As an artist , as a human being who respect traditions and my work deals with the African culture throughout the Americas and with the experience of living in Cuba as a black man specifically.”

Salvador hopes NSU students will continue to study abroad in Cuba and enjoy the glorious experience and warm-hearted people who are willing to communicate regardless of the language barrier.

– Zindzi Randolph, WTKRintern