Caught on Camera: Pizza delivery man caught on video peeing in apartment elevator

Posted at 10:36 PM, Feb 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-11 22:36:55-05

New York, New York - A building manager in Queens was shocked after what he saw a pizza delivery man doing in the apartment elevator. And it was all caught on camera.

The Mitchell Gardens building manager in Flushing, Queens reached out to PIX11 Investigates and asked for our help.

It seems they'd caught a pizza delivery man from a nearby restaurant on videotape. It showed him peeing in one of their elevators.

When the manager, Lenny Rintel, sent us the video, we couldn't believe our eyes. There it was clear as day. The delivery man steps onto the elevator, sets his food delivery down then proceeds to pee in front of the elevator door until it reaches the sixth floor. Then he zips up, picks up the food and walks off the elevator to make his next delivery.

Lenny figured out which tenant ordered out that night and then figured out where the delivery came from. He went to the cops with it and they told him they couldn't do anything about it.

So PIX11 took Lenny and went looking for the guy. When we walked into Coppola's Pizza on 14th Ave in nearby College Point, the delivery guy, whose name turned out to be Vinny, was sitting at one of the tables. He saw our cameraman and immediately went into the back kitchen.

The manager claimed it was the first he'd heard about the incident. Then he said he had heard about it and had gone to the building to talk to Lenny about it but Lenny wasn't there. Then he said the guy on the video wasn't his guy.

We tried to get Vinnie to come out and talk to us. The manager tried, too. Finally the Vinnie thought better of it. The manager walked Vinnie out to us and said he wanted to apologize for his actions.

Lenny said, "What does he have to say?"
Vinny said, I apologize. I apologize to you."
I asked him, "You wouldn't do that in your own house, right? You wouldn't do that in your own elevator?"
"I don't have an elevator, sir," said Vinny.

I asked manager Lenny if he was satisfied with the apology. He was gracious about it. "I think the kid maybe learned a really strong lesson. Maybe it won't happen again."

It's doubtful we'll see a ree-peet.