Christopher Newport University Student Assembly plans to rewrite their constitution

Posted at 6:57 PM, Feb 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-12 18:57:37-05

Newport News, Va. – Christopher Newport University’s Student Assembly stated that they will be rewriting their Constitution of the Christopher Newport University Student Body.

The University’s Legislative Affairs Committee is tasked with exploring possible amendments and solutions for the school. Once the changes have been made, they will present the new Constitution to the rest of student assembly and academic chairs.

According to The Captains Log, Student Assembly President, Conner Trebour, believes the changes to the constitution will allow for a more efficient executive board as well as a more efficient overall delegation.

The executive board has previously announced that they will be adding new positions to the executive board, as well as eliminating the secretary position.

Under the current Constitution, the executive board is made up of a president, executive vice president, and a vice president of finance. Some of the changes the committee will present, address the current positions on executive board.

The two potential positions would be the vice president of marketing and communications and the vice president of membership.

With these new changes President Trebour believes it will be more efficient as the executive board wont be overburdened with its current responsibilities.

A new constitution would go into effect once the committee has completed writing it and it has been approved. The constitution should be complete by the end of the semester.

By Katie Vu, WTKR Intern