Little girl from Missy Elliott ‘Work It’ video films amazing dance tribute

Posted at 6:36 AM, Feb 14, 2015

Remember the little girl from Missy Elliott’s “Work It” video?

She was only 10 back then, but Alyson Stoner hasn’t lost her moves as she’s grown up.

Stoner’s career took off after she appeared in several of Elliott’s music videos including, “GossipFolks” and “I’m Really Hot.”

Stoner is now known for her roles on Disney Channel shows like “The Suite Life of Zach and the “Step Up” series. Now 21, Alyson didn’t forget her dance roots and gave Missy Elliott a little thank you for her start in the business. She recreated her old dance moves with some original dancers from the music video.

And here is Stoner at 10 years old in the original ‘Work it’ video.