UPDATE: Crews repair multiple water main breaks on the Peninsula

Posted at 9:04 AM, Feb 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-20 14:36:58-05

Newport News, Va. - Crews have responded to quite a few water main breaks throughout the Hampton Roads area over the past week due to extreme winter weather. Eight of those breaks occurred in Hampton and Newport News between Wednesday and Thursday. Another five occurred Friday.


  • E. Little Back River Rd., Hampton (Repair completed)
  • 48th Street at Jefferson Ave., Newport News (Repair completed)
  • Oriana Rd. behind 453 Denbigh Blvd., Newport News (Repair completed)


  • Buchanan Dr. at Eggleston Ave., Hampton (Repair completed)
  • Marple Lane at Armistead Ave., Hampton (Repair completed)
  • 800 block 35th St. at Wickham Ave., Newport News. (Repair completed)
  • Woodland Rd. at Mercury Blvd., Hampton (Repair completed)
  • 15 Ambrose La. At N. Mallory St., Hampton (Repair completed)


  • Roane Dr. @ Salina St., Hampton
  • Villa Rd. @ Pin Oak Rd., Newport News (Repair completed)
  • Davis Ave. @ Ferguson La., Newport News
  • Roane Dr. @ Salina St., Hampton
  • Chesapeake Ave. @ Cumberland Ave., Hampton

When it comes to water main breaks, crews say it could take anywhere from about one hour, to three and a half hours for repairs to be complete. They usually know the expected time of restoration once they get to the pipe and see the break, they say. If it's a straight break around the pipe, it takes less time; if the break is at a joint, it takes much longer.

Crews expect they will be responding to many more water main breaks as the temperatures rise.

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