How are delivery drivers coping with the icy roads?

Posted at 7:16 PM, Feb 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-19 19:16:49-05

Virginia Beach, Va. - While crews are working around the clock to clear roads, not everyone is able to stay off of them while they do. NewsChannel 3's Ian Preston drove around Virginia Beach on Thursday with a delivery man just doing his best to reach his destinations safely.

Tommy Miller has been delivering food in Virginia Beach for more than  a year. He says he's never had to work in these kind of conditions.

"It makes it real difficult. Driving on these roads it's so icy and slippery sometimes it's just hard to get through these narrow streets, especially when there is other cars coming in my direction," Miller said.

Miller admits the hardest deliveries are the ones in neighborhoods that haven't been plowed. He says all you can do is be extra careful.

"Just go slow, take my time and make sure I don't slip out of control in someone's  lawn. I know these people want their food, but they also have to have a safe driver to get there too."

Miller says people have  been sympathetic towards his job and that's meant some nice tips.

He says he hasn't come across any neighborhoods where  his car couldn't get through, but says other drivers have. He said when that happens, they just have to get out and walk.