Crews in Newport News working around to clock treating icy roads

Posted at 6:11 PM, Feb 19, 2015

Newport News, Va. - Crews in Newport News have been working around the clock to clear the icy roads this week.

Curtis Rowe drives a plow truck for the city. He took NewsChannel 3's Nadeen Yanes along with him on his route Thursday afternoon.

"We have our plan broken up into three priorities. Priority one, we go the bridges and overpasses. Priority two, we concentrate on main thoroughfaires and priority three, we will go into certain neighborhoods as much as we can and work those out," he says.

Thursday was the first time Curtis and his partner were able to hit priority three streets.

"A lot of snow is starting to get wet, which is packing it and it makes it a little harder to push," he says.

Curtis says though they try, crews won't make it to every road in Newport News, meaning neighborhood streets may stay untouched.

The city says the resources just aren't there.  But Curtis says if the road is bad enough, he will get dispatched out. It's been his job for 12 hours a day, every day this week.

"Be patient, be careful. If we can get to you, we will and hopefully Mother Nature will take care of the rest."

Curtis says they will continue to work their 12 hour shifts through Friday and maybe even into the weekend.