Las Vegas police take road rage suspect into custody after standoff

Posted at 3:26 PM, Feb 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-19 16:47:03-05

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) — Las Vegas police have taken a suspect in the killing of a woman in an apparent road rage incident into custody after a tense standoff not far from where the woman was killed last week.

A police spokesman said the suspect was being taken to police headquarters. It is unclear if the suspect in custody was the gunman.

Tammy Meyers was shot outside her home on Thursday and died two days later at a hospital. Police said the gunman was in a car with two other people.

As the standoff unfolded, the victim’s husband approached reporters who had gathered in the neighborhood.

“Are you all happy? You made my wife look like an animal … and my son. There’s the animal, a block away. Are you happy?” Robert Meyers screamed.

Earlier Meyers sent a CNN producer a text message, describing what he said happened on the night his wife was shot. She was driving home after giving her daughter a driving lesson.

Police have said Tammy Meyers’ daughter reached over and honked at a driver as he sped by. The driver stopped his car in front of the Meyers’ car and confronted them.

Robert Meyers also spoke with HLN’s Nancy Grace and told her the man threatened to kill his wife and daughter. So Tammy Meyers raced home, dropped her daughter off and summoned her son, Robert Meyers told Grace.

The son, who was armed, got into the car with his mother and they left the house. Robert Meyers said his son and wife were trying to move the car away from the family home. They didn’t want the car to be recognized in front of their home.

But the other car, described as a grey or silver sedan, saw them, according to Robert Meyers.

Robert Meyers texted: “My wife and son drove away from home, bad guys following. She lost them and upon coming home turned on street, bad guys are right in front.

“After that, bad guys open fire different location. My wife got home, told her son to take cover and after he saw his mom shot he opened fire three times maybe four.

“Yes, maybe in a make-up world she should have stayed home. Please remember statement from this animal, ‘I’m going to kill you and your daughter.’

“These guys will get away with murder now. No one gets it — these people came to my home … my son never shot until then. If it was the way media is pitching it, then why did son not shoot when they turned corner if he was looking to shoot (when) he had his chance?”

Las Vegas detectives two days ago had given a slightly different version of events, saying the mother drove home to pick up her armed son and went back out to look for the suspect and his car.


Road rage suspect sought in killing of Las Vegas mother who was giving driving lesson