Man accused of killing Virginia Beach pharmacist expected to plead guilty

Posted at 6:44 PM, Feb 20, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. - In a jailhouse interview with NewsChannel 3, Walter Hubbard expressed remorse but claimed he couldn`t remember shooting popular pharmacist David Kilgore on April 14th of last year.

“Do you remember pulling the trigger?” he was asked.

“No,” Hubbard replied.

Court records say the gun Hubbard used came from a neighbor’s house where he climbed through a window. According to police, Hubbard demanded oxycodone. When Kilgore refused, Hubbard shot him and took off.

Police say he robbed another pharmacy before he was caught. Hubbard`s foggy memory clears up when it comes to his arrest.

“I just remember police jumping on me in the middle of the street, broke my nose, tore my hands up, tore my knee up. Could have been a lot worse though,” says Hubbard.

Court records claim before shooting Kilgore, Hubbard violated a protective order taken out by his wife.

He is expected to enter a guilty plea to first-degree murder.

Hubbard is also expected to plead guilty to attempted capital murder of a police officer.