Video captures man body-slamming female teacher during basketball game

Posted at 3:21 PM, Feb 20, 2015

Holly Hill, Fl. – A faculty-student basketball game ran afoul when a counselor was captured on camera slamming a teacher to the ground.

Police hauled Travis Mims off to jail for what he did in this video. Watch as Mims body slams fellow teacher Katherine Martin.

“That’s above and beyond. He picks her up and he just turns her over and drops her on the floor. from probably five, six feet in the air. so she hit real hard,” says Chief Stephen Aldrich of the Holly Hill Police Dept.

Hurt so badly police say she “suffered serious and permanent injury.”

The holly hill teacher was no match for Mims, who stands 6-feet-2 inches and weighs 260 pounds.

Two children were also playing and watched the brutal injury.

“It certainly doesn’t teach good sportsmanship,” says Chief Aldrich.

School officials say other adults had to force Mims off the woman and off the court.

Police say this went above and beyond a friendly game.

“In our view, it was intentional. there’s certain things you don’t do even when you’re playing ball,” says Chief Mims.

Martin drove herself to the hospital.

Police say she’s doing OK, but very sore.