Virginia Beach keeps eye on water mains with expected temperature swing

Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 20, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. (WTKR) - Public Utilities crews in Virginia Beach have had a busy few days after the snowstorm and they are preparing for what could be a busy weekend.

Crews have responded to more than a dozen "no-water" complaints at homes across the city.

In most cases, the problem lies on the homeowner's side and not with the city pipe.

Even so, Public Utilities Crews are dispatched to check things out.

"We are going to come out, we are going to check the water meter, and we are going to check the curb stop to make sure nothing is frozen on the city and then if we find something frozen we will fix it," explained Meter Operations Superintendent Matt Hood.

Crews have also stayed busy responding to water main breaks.

On Friday, they repaired ruptured mains on Saddle Rock Road, Cardinal Road and Little Horseshoe Drive.

With temperatures expected to climb over the weekend, Hood expects there could be more.

"Everything that is frozen is probably going to thaw out and then you'll find a whole bunch of leaks and that's what could lead to more water main breaks. I know they are working a handful now and a few last night and I see that getting possibly worse this weekend."

Swinging temperatures allows the ground around the pipes to expand and contract easily, which can cause breaks.

Virginia Beach will have extra Public Utilities crews on standby over the weekend to respond to any issues.