Virginia Beach woman heads to the Oscars

Posted at 2:43 AM, Feb 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-21 02:43:21-05
Virginia Beach, Va. - A Virginia Beach woman is heading to the Oscars! She will rub elbows with Hollywood's biggest stars this Sunday night, live on stage at Dolby Theater.
 23-year-old Rhianna Shaheen is one of six aspiring filmmakers who won the Team Oscar competition. 
“I was like, Oh my God, this is real, this is actually happening,” Shaheen said.
She will hand over the Oscars to celebrity presenters during the 87th Academy Awards this Sunday, February 22.
It’s all thanks to a last-minute, 60-second video she produced.
“The theme was the best piece of advice you had received,” Shaheen said.
The recent Bryn Mar College graduate used a piece of life advice a professor gave her.
“She said nobody is coming for you. She was saying you really have to make it on your own,” Shaheen said.
“I hope this will be a really great opportunity for me. I hope that it will give me a sense of direction for how to go forth in my career.”
There’s one star Rhianna really wants to meet.
“I have to meet Meryl Streep or like be near her or make eye contact. That's like my numero uno,” she said.
This is one opportunity Rhianna isn’t taking for granted.
“It’s going to be very humbling for me because I realized I'm only 23, I haven't done that much yet.  To be representing Hampton Roads and women filmmakers, it's a lot of weight on my shoulders but I'm very proud,” Shaheen said.
So what will she wear?
She will have wardrobe, hair and makeup people to help her with that.