Man charges $90 to ship ‘historic’ Boston snow from his yard to your house

Posted at 10:07 AM, Feb 25, 2015

BOSTON, Mass. — A Boston-area man has come up with a creative idea to get rid of the amazing amount of snow dumped on the city this winter — sell it. Kyle Waring first created as a joke to share with family and friends. But the idea, much like the region’s record-breaking snow, won’t go away.

“I put the snow in a plastic bag, and put that in tinfoil,” Waring told “Then I put that package in an insulated container that’s an inch and a half thick, and ship it overnight. It’s sealed tight in Omaha steaks packaging.”

Waring charges $90 for six pounds of his snow. He promised the snow can be delivered in less than 20 hours.

What will he do once Spring finally arrives?

“At this rate, it’s going to be July until the snow melts,” he told “But I’ve thought about taking this idea and running with it for other seasonal items. Maybe I’ll ship some fall foliage.”