Shoppers prepare for Thursday’s storm

Posted at 12:01 AM, Feb 26, 2015

Norfolk, Va.  - Shoppers braved local grocery stores on Wednesday to prepare for the upcoming storm, but stocking up proved to be a difficult task.

"It was an absolute mad house it put Thanksgiving to shame," explained Robin Neumeister.

Crowded parking lots, dwindling supplies and long lines were all things shoppers needed to tackle.

"It was really crowded – really crowded. I’ll come back tomorrow morning instead," said Marshall Pinkard.

But with four-to-eight inches of snow predicted for our area, shoppers couldn't take any chances. One shopper went to BJ's to get items in bulk.

"We bought snacks for the kids in bulk so it'll last longer," added Tisha Jones.

But regardless of what mother nature throws our way, shoppers will be VIPIReady.