Internet goes hog wild over pig’s reaction to a cookie

Posted at 2:25 PM, Feb 27, 2015

BRADFORD, ME – When snow in Maine disconnected his electric fence, buster the pig busted out. But, instead of causing a ruckus, neighbors lured the hungry swine home with sweet treats. Now, the wandering porker is a YouTube sensation with his own Facebook fan page.

Jamie Smith met Buster here while he was driving in Bradford last weekend.

“From a distance it just looks like a large animal that I didn’t recognize, I thought it might have been a moose.” said neighbor Jamie Smith.

Instead, he found a spunky swine. Naturally, he had to document the evidence.

“Immediately he came around to pay me a visit at the window, we became friends right off.” said Smith.

“You want a cookie?” It’s that golden question and Buster’s friendly nature that’s made this video go viral – it already has thousands of views on YouTube.

Buster’s owners, Stacey and Brian, say they’ve raised him like a dog, or even a kid at times.

“We made him our buddy. In the summertime, he get daiquiris and deserts for breakfasts and then he gets some grain and what not, whatever we can come up with and he’s just part of the bunch. He hangs out. Does campfires with us in the summer and in the winter time, he runs amok and startles the neighbors.” said Buster’s Owner Brian Magras.

All this snow shuts down buster’s electric fence, giving him prime opportunity to go out and meet the folks in Bradford.

“We’re working on getting him a new fence. By the way, if anyone wants to donate to the Buster fund, we’re happily taking donations here.” said Brian Magras.

But for now, Buster is enjoying his cushy home, with plenty of his favorite foods, like tasty cakes, pizza and of course, cookies.

“I think it’s great, pigs getting publicity. He’s got more friends on the net than both of us do already.” said Brian Magras.

Yes, Buster does have his own Facebook page, but there are plenty of positives when it comes to owning a notorious P-I-G.

“Now all the neighbors know who Buster is and when they pass by on Lagrange Road, they’ll keep an eye out for the pig. Maybe they’ll all feed him cookies you know? Jamie might have started a trend here.”