Norfolk residents fight cabin fever after days of snow

Posted at 12:08 AM, Feb 27, 2015

Norfolk, Va.  - The snow has forced many people to stay indoors, but after spending the day cooped up, many people are getting a little stir crazy.

In Ghent on Thursday night, many residents made their way out, regardless of the conditions.

"The side streets are terrible, the main streets are a little bit better, but I got stuck in my driveway and had to like plow my way out and she had to push the car," explained Lyanna Freeman.

Many businesses closed their doors early because of the weather conditions, and that caused some long lines at open businesses. Regardless of the conditions and long lines, people were still able to satisfy their cravings and cabin fever.

"The snow is beautiful and it's nice tonight, so we thought we would go out and walk around town and get something to eat," added Ghent resident, Sonya Varsness.