Family speaks out after South Carolina toddler attacked by internet trolls

Posted at 10:59 AM, Mar 02, 2015

Summerville, S.C. – A South Carolina woman celebrating her toddler’s second birthday decided to share a photo — and now her daughter’s rare medical condition has made her the target of Internet trolls.

Mariah Anderson was born with Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome, according to WCBD, a syndrome that can cause a wide variety of physical abnormalities as well as delays in speech and learning.

After celebrating Mariah’s birthday, her mother posted a photo on Facebook.

The photo was shared thousands of times online and turned into memes mocking the girl’s appearance.

Frustrated, the family is now speaking out.

“If you’re out there and you’re doing these things, and you think that it’s funny, it’s not funny,” Linda Pringle, Mariah’s grandmother, told the station.  “This is actually a human being, this is a child, this is a baby.”

The family is just hoping that the negative attention will fade so they can enjoy as many happy moments with Mariah as possible.  “People are going to do what they are going to do,” Mariah’s father, David Anderson, said.  “The only thing that’s bothering me is what’s bothering my family.”

“She’s just a joy, it’s just a joy to have her right now,” said Kyra Pringle, Mariah’s mom.  “It’s just to the point where we’re enjoying her.”