Teen delivers life-saving message to Instagram followers after horrific car accident

Posted at 9:31 PM, Mar 04, 2015

California – One brave teen involved in a horrible car accident is using her near-death experience to save lives.

The daughter of former “Girlfriends” cast member, Randy Goodwin, was in tragic car accident last week. Alexis Haynie posted a very graphic photo on Instagram showing the aftermath of her car accident last Wednesday.

She comments under her photo stating she suffered a sprained ankle and hand, her top row of teeth are gone and she also had several broken bones in her mouth.

Thankfully, she’s healing from her injuries, but she says the simple help of a seat belt would have made a great difference.

In her message, she says she was unaware of the car moving after she fell asleep while it was parked. She says the driver rear ended someone going 60 mph and may have been”texting and driving.”

11043229_627893004007898_6204737163734447643_nHaynie used this post to encourage others to “stop taking life for granted” and most importantly, “wear a d*** seat belt.”

Haynie’s mother, Mimi Goodwin, made an address to Facebook commending her daughter’s courage and helping to prevent another person from going through the same experience.

Haynie is a professional dancer, actress, and seamstress who is slowly recovering thanks to the overwhelming support from her family and friends.