Winning $100,000 lottery ticket sold in Portsmouth about to expire

Posted at 2:41 PM, Mar 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-12 14:42:25-04

Portsmouth, Va. – Would you leave $100,000 lying around on your coffee table for anyone to grab? Probably not.  But one Virginia Lottery player may be doing just that.

Someone bought a ticket for the September 26, 2014, Cash 5 drawing at 7-Cities on Portsmouth Blvd. in Portsmouth. That ticket turned out to be a $100,000 winner. But so far, no one has come forward to claim the prize.

By law, winning tickets in Virginia expire 180 days after the drawing. That means this ticket will become worthless at the close of business (5:00 p.m.) on March 25, unless the winner comes forward.

The winning numbers were 3-9-22-25-28. The ticket matched all five numbers. The person who has that ticket should contact the Virginia Lottery immediately at 757-825-7800.

The odds of winning the $100,000 prize in Cash 5 are 1 in 278,256.