Bottle-fed puppies, kittens at Virginia Beach SPCA in need of formula

Posted at 7:18 PM, Mar 18, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. - The Virginia Beach SPCA is asking people to Take Action and donate!

The SPCA is in need of baby formula to help feed the influx of kittens and puppies that are starting to arrive.

Volunteer & Outreach Director Amanda Dunlap says the kittens and puppies they have now are the first of many they’ll see.

“Early spring all the way through early fall… that’s when we have a ton of baby animals coming in,” she says. “Unweened kittens and puppies alone it was over 315. But in general, our foster families cared for 1,200 animals.”

That makes for a lot of needed food… especially baby formula --- Esbilac for puppies and KMR for kittens.

“It is pretty pricy stuff. But it’s a powdered formula that we mix with water and we feed the animals. It’s full of nutrients that they need,” Amanda says. “We are always in dire need, especially of the KMR kitten formula.”

The babies only drink the formula for about six weeks. The SPCA says they can go through a lot of formula in that time.

“An enormous container will assist four foster families throughout about a week’s time,” Amanda says.

Esbilac and KMR formulas can be purchased through the SPCA's Amazon wishlist and can sometimes be found at Petsmart or other local pet supply stores.