Virginia Beach bouncer sentenced for attacking woman, victim shares her story

Posted at 6:17 PM, Mar 18, 2015

Virginia Beach, Va. - A bouncer at a Virginia Beach bar will spend the next eight years in prison for attacking a woman on Shore Drive in 2013.

William Good was sentenced last week after pleading guilty to sexual battery and malicious wounding.

The attack happened in Nov. of 2013.  Jessica Biersack had been out drinking with friends at Bayside Bar & Grill.  Eventually, she decided to leave for the night.

"I have a friend that lives up the road, so I walked through the parking lot alone, and apparently he had followed me," Biersack told NewsChannel 3, "The next thing I remember, I woke up naked behind a shed.  My jaw was broken and I was missing a tooth."

The man who had followed her was Good, a bouncer at another bar in the area.  Biersack had met him earlier in the night.

Her injuries were so severe, her jaw had to be wired shut for six weeks.  "I drank my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that year through a straw," she said.

Good was arrested a few weeks later and eventually charged with sexual battery and malicious wounding.

For Biersack, the physical recovery took a while.  The mental one has taken even longer.

"I hardly left the house initially.  I was severely depressed," she said.

She was able to take a big step forward recently, though.

Good was finally sentenced last week.  He received 20 years for the malicious wounding charge and 12 months for sexual battery.  The judge suspended all but eight years.

"I feel really good knowing that he’s put away for a really long time," said Biersack.

Now that it's over, she wants others to hear her story.  She says since the attack, she's spent a lot of time talking to friends about what happened.  That's when she learned some of them are victims of sexual crimes but never said anything.

"I was angry that, of all those people that I know and love, I'm the only one that ever got some kind of justice, and that's not fair.  I know that people don't do it because they're ashamed, but the shame is not my burden to bear, it's his burden to bear, and the fear, you work through the fear."