Family of man shot by Norfolk Police gets $163,000 settlement

Posted at 6:44 PM, Mar 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-19 18:45:22-04

Norfolk, Va. - A case that ignited fury in the community has been settled in a federal court and finalized by a judge.

A Norfolk Police Officer killed Joshua Johnson who was an unarmed man in a bank parking lot.

NewsChannel 3 spoke exclusively Johnson's father Thursday as he left the federal courthouse.

Benjamin Newsome said no amount of money could make him feel better after losing his son.

"No amount of money actually can bring him back.  He will always be missed and always be loved," says Newsome.

Johnson was shot and killed by a Norfolk officer back in May 2013.

On Thursday, a judge finalized a settlement between Newsome's lawyer and the City of Norfolk.

Newsome's attorney John Cooper said, "The judge did say he thought it was too low, the total amount of the settlement which is $163,000."

NewsChannel 3 obtained the surveillance video which shows what happened at a Ghent bank.

Johnson was trying to cash a stolen check and when he sees police pull up, he puts his car in reverse.

In the video, you can see one officer with his gun drawn but you can't see the second officer who police said was behind the car.

Johnson was shot and killed and the second officer was also hit by a bullet.

The Commnwealth's Attorney determined police were justified in shooting Johnson.

We reached out to Norfolk Police to ask them if there have been any changes to their policies since the Johnson case and they declined to comment.

We also called the city attorney's office and we did not hear back yet.