Girl honors grandmother’s memory with ‘600 acts of kindness’

Posted at 2:59 PM, Mar 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-20 14:59:43-04

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — A little girl with a big heart is sharing an even bigger message with the world — she believes a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

“Wow, I can’t remember the first act of kindness, I can’t remember,” 8-year-old Alex said Friday.

KCPQ reportsthat is because Alex is focusing all her energy on the kindness she has yet to share.

“It make me feel like, it just makes me feel super happy,” she said.

The story begins in September 2013, when Alex’s grandmother Linda died on March 22, on what would have been her 60th birthday.

Instead of mourning, Alex and her mom decided to celebrate her life with 600 acts of kindness to others.

“We bought coffee, ice cream, donated various things, went to IHOP and left a very cool tip for one of our waitresses, and we ended the day by going on a toy shopping spree for St. Jude’s” Children’s Hospital, Alex’s mother, Sarah, said.

“Alex had so much fun that day, you could see the joy on her face and so we said, ‘Why not add an extra zero and go for 600,'” Sarah said.

For the past several months they`ve documented their acts of kindness on Instagram using the hashtag forlinda.

Coming up on this March 22, Alex and Sarah will have shared 600 acts of kindness with the world. And for number 600, they’re going big.

“I want to show the world why we are doing this,” Alex said. People “should just follow us and they could just spread the love of God around the world.”