Spring Jam blasts Hampton Coliseum

Posted at 10:32 AM, Mar 23, 2015

Hampton, Va. – “R&B is never going to be dead, it’s just going to evolve,” said Spring Jam headliner Keith Sweat and boy, was he right!

The Hampton Coliseum was a huge dance floor as some of R&B’s main men—112, Avant, Ginuwine and Keith Sweat serenaded the enormous crowd Friday night.

Avant read a few minds as fans were singing along to his hits, but only after 112 served Peaches & Cream, which set the tone for Ginuwine’s lustful set, which was full of some of the sexiest moves of the night.

The night’s headliner, Keith Sweat, checked us into the Sweat Hotel for a “night’s stay” as he put it. Dressed in all white, he reminded us all who the true serenade of the night was.

Weren’t able to make the concert? Don’t worry! NewsChannel 3 of course took action on your behalf—or ours! :)

McKinley Strother, WTKR Intern