Babysitter accused of sexually assaulting kids with boyfriend, boasting in texts

Posted at 6:50 AM, Mar 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-24 06:54:07-04

WARNING: This story contains graphic content

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — Authorities in Texas have charged a babysitter with allegedly sexually assaulting young children with her boyfriend and then photographing them for exploitation.

According to KPRC, Ashley Virginia Dack, 29, was charged with sexual performance by a child and super aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Her boyfriend, Patrick Schuneman, was also charged, KPRC reported.

According to reports, court documents showed that the couple performed sex acts against children, at least one as young as 11 months old, and later boasted of their activities in graphic text messages to each other.

Dack had access to several alleged victims because she was a babysitter, according to reports.

Authorities were tipped off after Dack allegedly bragged about her exploits to a friend, who saved the messages as evidence to show police.

KPRC reports officers then searched both Dack’s and Schuneman’s residences.  One item seized was an iPhone, and disturbingly graphic text messages were found.

According to KPRC, one exchange on the phone went as follows (***Warning: extremely graphic content):

Dack: Oh honey?  I never know.  There is a little girl at lunch with blonde pig tails, kept dancing around on the floor. Wanted you 2 to be hiding in my car and I could bring her 2 you. Maybe 4 [years of age].

Schuneman:  Would love that. Would you join us or leave us alone?

Dack: Join you.  We could use the seat belt to hold her down and wrap around her neck so she couldn’t wiggle because it would get tighter and tighter

Schuneman: She’d be so scared

Dack: But no one could hear her if we were in my car

Schuneman:  I would hold her neck and head as you pulled her pants off

KPRC reported one of the images allegedly showed Dack inappropriately touching an 11-month-old.

Authorities say her text message to him that day read, “Gonna get our pics 2night?” and posted a sexually graphic image of the baby.

Officials learned the pictures were allegedly taken when Dack was babysitting the child, KPRC reported.