Mother of missing Norfolk teen: ‘Leave us alone’

Posted at 6:13 PM, Mar 26, 2015

Norfolk, Va. - "Please respect our privacy and leave us alone,” screamed Jennifer Busby Hadsell from her front porch. “I will call the cops. I am not playing. This is not your situation. Please respect my family.”

18-year-old Anjelica Hadsell's mother shouted at us to leave her alone as we stood back, recording video of the missing person’s poster in her yard.

Her explosive reaction is a stark contrast from her husband's.

On Wednesday, Wesley Hadsell asked us to keep the search for AJ in the forefront.

"If you guys put my daughter's picture out there, that's what matters," he told us.

That plea to get her picture out is what brought us back to the family's home Thursday.

AJ's mother declined to talk about her missing daughter. She did call police on us--the same police department that arrested her husband.

On the same day crews searched for AJ in Chesapeake, Norfolk police charged Wesley Hadsell with breaking into a woman's home and obstruction of justice.

Neither Hadsell nor police would explain those charges.

Wednesday, from jail, he asked for more help to find AJ.

"Every source helps,” Hadsell says. “Every picture helps and every channel helps and I would apologize to my daughter for the thinking that I had because that was more selfish and personal than it needed to be."

Meanwhile, police have spent hundreds of man-hours looking for clues in AJ’s disappearance. However, her mother made it clear to us she does not want our help.