Infant dies from Pneumonia just days after being cleared from hospital

Posted at 12:23 AM, Mar 27, 2015

Newport News, Va - A Newport News family is burying their child only weeks after they took him home for the first time.

One-month-old Tramel Williams, Jr. died of Pneumonia on Sunday, March 22, only days after he was cleared from the hospital.

Tramel Williams and Tivia Thomas, took their son to the hospital on Friday when they saw he wasn't acting like himself.

"He had a high temperature of 102 and his heart rate was 200 and was escalating," says Williams.

Concerned about his health, the parents took their son to Sentara Port Warwick Hospital. After a few hours they were told that Tylenol and nasal spray would make their son better, but that wasn't the case.

"Two days later after that - I woke up on Sunday morning and he was gone. "

The parents say they followed the doctor's instructions and checked their son often. During one of their checks, they found dry blood under their son's nose.

"We grabbed the phone and called 911 and they told me to come downstairs and I put him on the couch," said Williams. "I had put them on speaker phone. They had told me how to do CPR so that’s when I done CPR and I couldn’t revive him and it was a hurtful feeling just to see him laying still and I couldn’t wake him up. It was just so hurtful to me."

The couple is trying to scrape together enough money so that they can give their son a proper burial. They have created a Go Fund Me Page to help raise money. If you would like to donate, click here.