Pink chickens found wandering along Portland waterfront

Posted at 3:50 PM, Mar 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-27 15:58:57-04

Portland, Oregon – Walking along the Portland waterfront you’ll see your fair share of waterfowl and other fine feathered friends, You would not, on a normal day, expect to see these lovely ladies.

But someone did see them, running free along the waterfront, and called animal services.

“They’re doing great. They seem active, alert. Healthy,” says Mary Kate Watson from Animal Control.

And so animal services decided they’d be better off somewhere safer, like a chicken coop.

As for how they got pink?

“We’ve seen a trend in the past with people injecting dye into fertilized eggs to produce a pastel colored chick.”

They say it tends to happen around Easter.

“It seems like something I could expect in Portland, yeah. Definitely. Laughs.”

It’s a temporary thing, and the chickens gradually turn the right color when they grow their next set of feathers.

The folks at animal services don’t condone or very much like the idea of changing a chicken’s color, but in this case, they’re not going to hold it against the owner.

“Our main goal is just to find the owners and make sure they have a secure place for the animals.”

For now, the chickens are comfy and safe.

It’s not the first time the staff here has taken in stray barn animals.

Just not pink ones.