Crooks ransack elderly woman’s home

Posted at 10:47 PM, Apr 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-08 06:07:20-04

Crooks ran though the once meticulous home of Jeane Gaskins. Gaskins’ sister showed NewsChannel 3 how burglars trashed the home.

The sister is the one who found the mess Saturday morning.

Gaskins spoke to NewsChannel 3 over the phone today.

She says she is beside herself.

""It gets deeper and deeper. Every day I start digging into it. It starts getting deeper," says Gaskins.

Gaskins says the burglars stole thousands of dollars and ruined countless possessions.

"Forty-eight years of accumulation... beloved things that my husband and I had."

Police told Gaskins it appears the thieves found a way into her home without breaking a window or damaging a door.

They took their time, even grabbing a ladder from her backyard bringing it inside the home and getting in the attic.

"It’s made me sicker. It has made my recovery be longer. It is making me dread going back to my home that I have had for 48 years."

Gaskins neighbors like Martha Anderson says she's very careful to lock up her home when she's gone and doesn't know how someone could get in so easily.

"It sounds to me like somebody knew she wasn't home and was going to be gone for a long time and that makes me feel just a little frightened for myself,” says Anderson.

Gaskins says she's closing her bank accounts to prevent more money from being taken.

"I've just spent the last three torturous days trying to make sure that I save my little bit of money," says Gaskins.

Since she's been getting treatment, Gaskins hasn't seen the damage for herself.

She says she just has to imagine what else may have been taken as well.