Sister of Chesapeake murder victim: ‘They did not deserve to die like this’

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-14 06:41:27-04

Chesapeake, Va. - A woman said she was horrified to learn her sister was running from her killer when she was shot in the back.

Loved ones remember Denise Perdue and Laurel Sanchez as happy and loving.

Both women were found shot to death in their Battery Park Road home back on March 23.

“They did not deserve to die like this,” said the sister of one of the women.

She said she is terrified of the killer and didn't want us to share her identity.

57-year-old Perdue was shot in the back and 62-year-old Sanchez was shot in the head, according to the Medical Examiner’s office.

No one has been arrested for the murders.

T"Killing somebody in such an awful way, two old women 62 and 57. My sister was running for her life."

The sister admits the two women had from drug problems in the 90’s while living in Florida.

But she said they moved to Virginia, cleaned up their act, and would try to help other addicts in the area.

“Unfortunately, my sister and Laurel they couldn't stand to know that anybody would have to go through what they did go through in Florida, sleeping under bridges, in crack houses,” she said.

Her sister said she was worried about some of the people showing up at the house and said she even warned her sister weeks before she was killed, but now says she just wants justice.

“I'm more concerned now with catching who did this so that they don't do it again because if they did this time and they get away with that, what's to say they're not to do it again," she said.

Court documents show a murder victim received a threatening text message before she was killed. Police are looking at other text messages sent from that phone as part of the double murder investigation.

"You both will be dead within a week" - the threatening text message was sent from a 757 phone number to either Perdue or Sanchez, according to new court documents.

A search warrant NewsChannel 3 obtained shows that as detectives were speaking with friends of the women on the day their bodies were found, it was discovered that one of the victims had received that threatening message.

The documents show that police got a court order to recover all call detail records with the 757 phone number.

We spoke with a man who said he is the owner of the cell phone.

He said he knows the women who were found dead and said he did work on their front door but said he did not send the threatening message.

He said someone was borrowing his cell phone and when he got it back all the numbers were deleted. He would not tell us who borrowed his phone.

He got upset with our questions and asked us not to call back. He said he told the detectives everything that he knows.

Perdue, 57, was shot in the back and Sanchez, 62, was shot in the head, according to the Medical Examiner’s office.

Court documents state that police searched the house twice.

The first time on the day the bodies were discovered, they found bullets, a knife, cellphones, and bank receipts.

They went back out to the house again when they got new information once the autopsies were complete and found another bullet in the house, according to court documents.

Friends and neighbors said there was drug activity going on in the house, but police didn't confirm that, but did say they believe the women were targeted.

Police also said they had been at the house 10 times in the last five years. Two of those times were for a man that had overdosed.

No one has been arrested in connection to the women's murders.