High Street Kroger employees protest store closure

Posted at 12:00 AM, Apr 11, 2015

Portsmouth, Va.  - Employees of the High Street Kroger store are about to work their last shift at the store.

In March, Kroger announced the store would close its doors for good on Saturday, April 11. Corporate offered to transfer the employees to other Hampton Roads stores, but since the High Street location is apart of a Union, workers can only be transferred to six area stores.

More than 80 workers were told they would be transferred to a Yorktown Kroger location which is 25 miles away. That kind of commute isn't possible for many employees who walk or ride their bike to work.

"They offered me Yorktown and I wasn't able to try to go over there because I have no transportation to go over there," said Nicholas Roe, a special needs employee.

On Friday, employees staged a protest outside of a neighboring Kroger store in hopes to raise awareness to their situation.

In a press release, Kroger said the decision to close the store was not an easy for them to make.