AJ Hadsell’s biological father: ‘I just regret not being part of her life’

Posted at 6:58 PM, Apr 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-13 18:58:45-04

Norfolk, Va. - What happened to AJ? Norfolk Police haven't named a suspect and we still don't know how 18-year-old Anjelica Hadsell died.

Those are questions her biological father wants answered.

For the first time we're hearing from Mel Langer. The pastor and spokesperson for AJ's family confirmed Langer is her biological father.

“I’d like to know, really know who did it,” Langer says. "And hopefully get justice for what happened to her.”

Langer lives in Jacksonville, Florida and spoke with NewsChannel 3 over the phone. For 18 years, he says AJ has been a distant part of his life -- until last month.

“I just regret not being part of her life,” he says. “I guess I didn`t try hard enough.”

Langer says his relationship with Anjelica’s mother unraveled soon after AJ was born.

On March 2, the day she disappeared, Langer says AJ's mother reached out through Facebook, asking if he'd heard from AJ. However, Langer says they hadn't talked since last year.

“I`m just heartbroken for me and my family is heartbroken because we didn`t really get to see her, spend time with her, you know she`s gone,” he says.

Last week investigators found AJ's body outside a vacant home in Franklin.

“I`m kind of happy really, put closure on it,” Langer says. “Let her rest in peace. Don`t have to worry about everyday people talking about her missing and all that.”

Langer is the third man to play the role of father in AJ's life. Last week, we heard from Zach Hoffer, who says he raised AJ for nearly 13 years.

“I`m not known as her dad. You all know who is known as her dad and of course that hurts,” Hoffer told NewsChannel 3.

The dad Hoffer is referring to is Wesley Hadsell, AJ's legally adoptive father.

Hadsell currently sits in jail for breaking into a woman's home and obstruction of justice, both charges that are connected to his daughter's disappearance.

A memorial service for AJ will be held this Saturday at 1 p.m. at Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home on 8464 Tidewater Drive in Norfolk.

Family and friends have created a petition to help get the word out about missing persons faster through social media.