Are beards bad for you?

Posted at 8:51 AM, Apr 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-13 08:51:35-04

They are fashionable for men, and can even make you appear more knowledgeable during hunting season.

We're talkin' about beards!

But now experts are warning they`re breeding grounds for bacteria and can even spread bugs.

Beards are in, from the hottest stars and athletes, to every day people.

Many ladies are giving the look a big thumbs up.

But beard wearers, beware -- it may be a good look -- but there's more to it than just looking good.

Dr. Daniel Yadager says there could be health issues related to beard wearing. The coarseness of beard hair can provide a ripe environment for bacteria.

"I think things get trapped in there so bacteria can be trapped in there and can grow as a result."

Beard bacteria can by transmitted to the mouth and possibly cause illness...and it can also be transmitted to others.

"Well, viruses can be passed from person to person through contact and a beard would be a point of contact for that. And having a beard can sometimes lead to skin infections."

It's called folliculitis. It's a painful inflammation caused by ingrown beard hairs.

Experts say there's no need to ditch the beard all together.

"There's some pretty shady beards running around these days."

Men's Health Magazine editor Brian Boye says upkeep is the key to preventing problems.

"Wash it regularly, keep it conditioned with hair conditioner or beard oil, those are the two simplest things you can do."

He says some men think a beard is less work than shaving, but that's not true....and he says if you're not up for the upkeep....cleanshaven is the way to go."