Former school employee who slept with teen boy still awaiting sentencing

Posted at 6:43 PM, Apr 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-13 18:43:00-04

Norfolk, Va. - It's been more than two years since Patience Perez posed for mug shots in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Judges in both cities continue to delay their final decisions on how she'll be punished for sleeping with a teenage boy.

“This is just ridiculous to continue to take my family through this,” says the teen’s mother.

She was in court this morning as a Virginia Beach judge delayed his decision for the second time in a year.

Our cameras weren't allowed in court today.

But we were there as the judge said he's waiting to see what a Norfolk judge will decide to do with Perez's charges for sleeping with the same boy in that city.

That case’s sentencing was supposed to go forward in March, but the Norfolk judge continued that until May.

“My son can`t take it anymore. I have to continue this fight for my son and all the other children that have been molested and manipulated,” says the victim’s mother.

Perez was an assistant security guard at Renaissance Academy when she and the teen started sleeping together in 2013.

She was 23 and married with two kids.

He was fifteen and just out of mental health treatment for depression.

He spoke only to NewsChannel 3 last year the first time her sentencing was delayed in Virginia Beach.

“Initially, it was supposed to like the thing where, we just like, have sex and then like that's it.  But then it turned into something much more. It turned into a relationship,” says the victim.

During their month-long affair, the married mother would routinely bring him to her home in Norfolk after school, or he'd sneak out of his Virginia Beach home when his mother was asleep.

Their affair ended when his mother caught Perez at the home and reported it to police.

More than two years and several court appearances later, there's still no formal resolution.

“You continue to take us through this.  You`re victimizing us continuously,” says the Victim’s mother.

The teen's mother says the ordeal has wreaked havoc on her family and the delays are causing her to lose faith in the justice system.

“If they don`t punish her criminally, I will ensure she gets punished civilly,” says the victim’s mother.

We did reach out to Perez's attorney this morning, but he said they will wait until the cases have been decided before commenting.

Perez is scheduled to be back in Norfolk and Virginia Beach courts next month. The teen's family is praying this will be done once and for all.