Unexpected moment between sheriff’s deputy, homeless man goes viral after photo posted to Facebook

Posted at 4:49 PM, Apr 23, 2015

PIERCE COUNTY, Washington — A photo of a sheriff’s deputy in Washington state sharing his lunch with a homeless man on the side of the street was quickly going viral on Facebook Thursday, epitomizing what many are calling the good side of policing.

The photo was posted on Facebook by Pierce County resident Darren Bigd Ballard Sr, who said he snapped the photo Wednesday.

“Just saw this cop having a sandwich with a homeless guy in the cut wanting no attention just doing a good deed….there are good police officers out there people this made my day please share!!!!!”

Pierce County Sheriff’s Office Detective Ed Troyer confirmed to Q13 FOX News that it was indeed on of their deputies sharing his own lunch with a homeless person. The deputy, who didn’t wish to be named, said he had encountered the man panhandling multiple times before in the same location.

Troyer said the deputy struck up a conversation with a man, who said that he expects to have housing in less than a month. The deputy then asked if the man was hungry, and the man said yes, he was.

“So the deputy sat down with him and shared his lunch with the man,” Troyer said. “These type of incidents happen quite often in our department.”

Multiple people on Facebook praised the deputy’s actions.

“There are WAY, WAY, WAY more really great ‘cops,’ ‘police officers,’ or law enforcement men and women then there are bad ones!” Gordon Neitling wrote.

Others commented on the continued humanitarian effort of deputies.

“Not only is this officer sharing a sandwich but lately I have heard of our sheriff’s department officers handing out Subway gift cards to homeless folks,” Anita Latch said on Facebook. “Pierce County Sheriff’s Department rocks!”