AJ Hadsell’s mother arrested, accused of buying alcohol for minor

Posted at 7:03 PM, Apr 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-28 05:50:36-04

Norfolk, Va. - Norfolk Police have arrested Jennifer Hadsell, the mother of murdered teen Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell. She's accused of buying alcohol for a minor. We now know it was Jennifer's ex-husband, Zach Hoffer, who filed that charge over the weekend.

Hoffer is AJ's former step-father and says he raised her until she was a teenager. Hoffer says he also shares custody of their two daughters.

The day investigators found AJ's remains he spoke only with NewsChannel 3.

"It was a broken home by the time she was see 9 yeah so she was still loved very much so," he told us.

In a text about Jennifer's charge, Hoffer said: "All I can say is I am doing this to protect my daughters and would not have done it if I didn't strongly feel their wellbeing has been compromised."

When we tried to speak with Jennifer, she wasn't home. However, 18-year-old Andre Barr was. Barr is a friend of AJ's and lives at the house.

Barr is specifically named in a previous search warrant about AJ's disappearance. According to that document Barr told police AJ's adoptive father Wesley Hadsell broke into a woman's home while AJ was missing.

When we asked Barr if he could tell us more about this he said, "I have a bad memory of that right now. I don't think I really want to talk."

Along with that burglary charge, Wesley faces several other felonies all connected to his AJ's case.

He's scheduled to be in court on Wednesday. As for his wife, Jennifer is facing a misdemeanor charge. No word on when she will face her day in court.


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