Project underway to replenish sand along dunes in Croatan

Posted at 11:37 PM, May 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-04 23:37:59-04

Virginia Beach, Va. - At the north end of Croatan Beach, sand is getting scooped up and piled on the beach.

In the next day or two it will then be hauled along the beach and placed at the foot of the dunes.

It's a project that started a week ago to address major erosion concerns from residents.

NewsChannel 3 first told you about the issue a few weeks ago.

The erosion has neighbors upset, not just because of how the beach looks, but because of what might happen if a major storm hits.

The project currently underway will cost about $150,000, according to city officials.

The goal is to reestablish the front of the dunes in time for the summer season.

Some people who live in the area say they're not convincted it's helping, though.

A coastal storm hit Friday and neighbors say it undid all the progress that was made.

Operations Manager Mark Johnson says the storm did set them back about two days, but he does not believe everything was lost.

Johnson says waves have shifted and some of the sand should get washed back onto the beach.

Residents still want a more permanent solution to fix the ongoing problem of beach erosion, but for now, the city will have crews out working on this project until May 22nd.